Strategic Partnerships

Wallpapers99 is a unique website with advanced, proprietary technology in a rapidly emerging market. We are exploring previously uncharted territory from an enterprise perspective, and are very interested in partnerships which mutually benefit both our community and our corporate growth. Our angle for content syndication and advertisement delivery is revolutionary, offering valuable propositions for virtually any niche.

Long Term Brand Awareness
Wallpapers are powerful tools for brand reinforcement. When a single user deploys a branded wallpaper on their desktop, your company is flashed into their mind (consciously and subconsciously) over 100 times a day, on average. What would advertising like that cost with traditional means? Then how much would it cost to have that level of penetration on tens of thousands of people? Wallpapers99 offers a fresh, powerful marketing medium to effectively reach a large demographic of customers.

For Web-Based Properties
Wallpapers99 has recently engaged in a few strategic partnerships with other web-based properties. We are flexible and open to new ideas, however our technology has previously shown to be a powerful retainer for your visitors. Our graphic artists can design and deploy branded desktop backgrounds, furthering your brand awareness and allowing your loyal visitors to openly support your organization through a new channel. For each converted visitor from your campaign, you can expect a high long term retention rate. Branded wallpapers are a great way to get your visitors to "stick" with your site.

Hardware Device Opportunities
Wallpapers99 is built on a very powerful API that allows us to adapt our data streams for use inside most proprietary devices. We can serve custom images through cell phone networks, game consoles, web-connected television sets, etc. Please contact us with information on your company if you'd like to discuss this avenue in more depth.

or more information on any of these partnerships, or to discuss the possibility of something fresh and unusual (we're always open to ideas), please don't hesitate to contact us. A representative will usually response within 24 hours.